Monday, May 19, 2008

::sigh:: and another ::sigh:: I just don't understand why everything has to be wrong with me. Could it be because i am the youngest of four and i got all the junk DNA? Why me?! The facts are that it is me and it will always be me. This is a great learning experience; maybe I should never sky dive or eat a blow fish. It's very obvious that the odds are not in my favor. But why my penis?
I have to be honest I'm really nervous about this. My worst nightmare would be to wake up tomorrow without my foreskin. I'm not getting circumcised but it would be crazy if i woke up and the doctor said, "sorry we took your foreskin." I think i am going on a rant about my penis, so I'll just stop there before it gets to uncomfortable for my dear readers.
In other news not involving my phallus... Well there really isn't much other that i can't stop texting this really sweet girl who is recently single. We are taking things slow so if i'm still alive after tomorrow we'll see whee this takes me.
Oh please say a prayer or two for me!

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