Sunday, November 09, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Make-up sex (lovemaking) is really amazing.

I uttered the words "I love you" and suddenly everything changed.:]

Sunday, July 06, 2008

How do i compare to the millions of kisses?
To the countless times he held you in his arms...

To the finite love making...
To the endless nights...
I am but a tiny spec in your heart where he held you for so long.
And he is an obscure shadow that is overcasting my hopes an
d dreams.
I can imagine him like a vulture circling us, waiting for our demise.
To which i do not know if i stand a chance.
I hear your beautiful words about me but like a sea swallowing the sand,
they erode the minute i hear you with him
But in the end balance is restored and all those beautiful words always return.
It it extremely difficult to keep a level head during a storm:[

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Who knew that the art of losing something would be so wonderful.

I've never thrown myself so whole heartedly into anything ever in my life, with no reservations.

Now as we venture into the optimistically -unknown I just hope you know how grand this is.

It may sound as if you have this Herculean sovereignty over me; I hope that this is something we can share.

I just want everyone to feel how great you have been for me. How you lift me up and how little we know each other, but it feels as if our souls are miles deep and all knowing.

Monday, May 19, 2008

::sigh:: and another ::sigh:: I just don't understand why everything has to be wrong with me. Could it be because i am the youngest of four and i got all the junk DNA? Why me?! The facts are that it is me and it will always be me. This is a great learning experience; maybe I should never sky dive or eat a blow fish. It's very obvious that the odds are not in my favor. But why my penis?
I have to be honest I'm really nervous about this. My worst nightmare would be to wake up tomorrow without my foreskin. I'm not getting circumcised but it would be crazy if i woke up and the doctor said, "sorry we took your foreskin." I think i am going on a rant about my penis, so I'll just stop there before it gets to uncomfortable for my dear readers.
In other news not involving my phallus... Well there really isn't much other that i can't stop texting this really sweet girl who is recently single. We are taking things slow so if i'm still alive after tomorrow we'll see whee this takes me.
Oh please say a prayer or two for me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Life can be weird sometimes and situations that you thought you would never be in suddenly happen to just bestow themselves upon you. Is it bad that i want to hold her and kiss her knowing fully well that she belongs to another? I'm surely not the first person in history to be caught in this triangle of emotions. In a perfect world all things would sort themselves out and turn in my direction. Yet i am all too aware of the luck i lead and how things might actually turn out. With that in mind i do not want to venture into the future of things. I can only see what is now. A caring, smart, pretty girl who has a boyfriend and i want nothing more than to hold her hand.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Bringing a New Scene to the Valley
By: Isaac Garcia

Deciding how to spend a Saturday night can prove to be very effortful for many students. Many find themselves jaded with the familiar scenes the Valley has on its menu.

Drum and Bass (often referred to as DnB) is an extremely underground form of electronic dance music that surfaced in the early 1990s. This genre is buttoned down with elaborate bass lines, broken beat drums and an accelerated tempo.

On Saturday Apr. 12, IllOddeo hosted a “DnB” event outside of Sophie’s "Double S" Saloon. The event’s first beats sounded off at ten pm, consisting of three local acts: Fuse, Fee-Niks, and OPTX, followed by headlining act Random Movement. DJs spun the night away well past two am. Event goers expressed themselves rhythmically; outdoors under several mesquite trees. The area was well lit and hosted an array of visual light effects.

In attendance was Benny Vasquez, a 22 year old senior and rehab major.

“This is my second time to an event like this and I am enjoying it! These things are few and far between; I hope this becomes a frequent gig all over the Valley.”

Local promoters are working diligently to expose this form of sub-culture and offer a new entrĂ©e to add to the Valley’s menu.

Dani Garza, DJ, Producer and president of Klubstalkerz, an organization that is aiding in “bringing the life to night” has been promoting events in the Valley for the past year. Garza began promoting events in Denver, Colorado.

He credits many of the local acts for their superior talent.

“I have DJ’d all over the country and throughout Europe and the Valley has some of the best talent I have seen. OPTX and his IllOddeo crew is one of the better groups in the Valley and OPTX deserves a lot more recognition for helping the local scene,” said Garza.

Carlos Villarreal, also known as OPTX, is responsible for most of the events happening in the Valley. He also credits his crew for the huge support they offer.

“No man is an island and the more parties I organize the more this saying is true.”

Villarreal added that he enjoys the organization part of events, but performing is what it’s all about.

“It truly is a blissful experience to convey your feelings threw the music you play and having people respond to that by dancing,” said Villarreal. “It’s the greatest form of satisfaction if you ask me.”

Villarreal and Garza both admit that the events they organize are very important for the Valley. They expose the population to new sounds that they have never heard before.

“Drum N Bass is especially big in major metropolitan areas and for the Valley to have a good upcoming presence says a lot for our area,” said Garza. “I think the more exposure we have to different styles of Electronic/Dance Music, the greater the appreciation to music is and how it correlates to club life.”

Villarreal believes that they help shatter people’s stereotypical views on Electronic and Dance music.

“The point is to expand people’s palette to enjoy other forms of dance music aside from what they would typically hear.”