Friday, April 20, 2007

Today i have caught a cold once again. Two nights ago, before i went to bed i asked GOD, if this weekend was a big mistake, if i should not go to the beach, then to get me sick. Well i am sick; prayer answered, right? I am still going to the beach. Considering that this weekend is splash, a gay festival of some sorts. No, i am NOT gay. haha! The fact remains that i do have gay friends denise and benny for the most part. My good friends vanessa and mario, who are just awesome, rented a condo at the beach and invited me. I initially said no. Vanessa said, isaac it's the beach! Is the beach gay? haha No it's not. So i agreed to go Vanessa is a great friend and was brought up in the same christian background as i was so it's only natural that i find comfort in the way that she accepts everyone as who they are. I think for the most part it will be fun. It's a condo, it has a pool, and easy beach access! I can't help but see the fact that i have become so desensitized (ugh spelling) to just about everything. I mean before i was way to the right saying everything was a sin, i didn't drink, didn't go to bars, didn't hang out with gay people i was so righteous in my own eyes. Now i think i am way to the left. I don't care about anything. I go to bars, i drink, and i could care less what your prefference is. Don't get me wrong, i'm not always at bars nor am i an alcoholic. Not at the least! I'm a liberal christian. And i don't know if thats okay or not. I mean i know that God has set us apart from the world and many people say that we are not intended to be of the world. But thats sounds a bit way too, i'm better than you attitude. How else are we supposed to witness to people if all we do is live a sheltered world? How are we supossed to wintess to people if we are too "liberal" (if you want to call it that) and they donnot see god in our hearts? I just want to find a median ,yet that is so difficult when i have not a single friend down here who is interested in doing so nor in sharing my beliefs.

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mattyc said...

I know this has nothing to do with your post, and I meant to comment on it...I will later, but Josh has a blog now too
You should check it out.